Shrink Film and Sealers

Here at ABL we offer a range of packaging options. Heat sealing and Shrink packing is becoming more and more popular. 
We offer different sized heat sealers as well as shrink packers. We also stock the materials needed to package your goods with these machines.

1. What is Shrink Film?
Shrink film, also known as shrink wrap, is a type of  wrap that simply shrinks around its contents when heat is applied to it. It is a great way of ensuring that whatever is being wrapped will stay in place during transit.  Heat sealers or heat guns must be used with shrink wrap for it to be effective.

2. Can you ship Shrink Film and Sealers?

We sure can!
Shrink film and sealers can be shipped using our own ABL trucks throughout our local area. Orders over $100 qualify for free shipping (Selected Tweed, Gold Coast and Brisbane areas).
Orders outside our FIS area and across Australia will incur a shipping charge. Want to get a shipping cost estimate? Give one of our friendly sales representatives a call today!

Please contact us if you require replacement parts for your machines.

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