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Packaging materials help enclose and protect products during storage, transportation, or distribution.
ABL stock a huge range of packaging materials including:
  • Cardboard boxes: These are commonly used to package and transport a wide range of products, from small electronic devices to large appliances.
  • Bubble wrap: This is a type of plastic packing material with air-filled bubbles used to protect fragile items during shipping.
  • Polyfoam: This lightweight foam material is used to cushion and protect items during shipping and storage.
  • Corflute: This is a lightweight and durable plastic material that is commonly used to create reusable packaging and shipping containers.
  • Mailers: Used to protect small items during shipping. They are made of lightweight materials like paper, cardboard, or plastic, and come in different types like padded envelopes and bubble mailers. 
  • Plastic wrap: This is a thin plastic film that is used to cover and protect products from dirt, moisture, and dust during storage or shipping.
  • Shrink wrap: This is a plastic film that is wrapped tightly around products and then heated to shrink and conform to the shape of the product, providing protection and security.
  • Retail Carry Bags: Usually made of lightweight materials like plastic or paper. They are used in many types of stores and are convenient for customers.
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