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Double Sided Tapes

Are you in a sticky situation not knowing which tape to use?
ABL offer an amazing range of Double Sided Tapes to suit the application you need. 

We offer, double sided tissue tapes, double sided foam tape, VHB tape and dispenser, carpet tape and MORE!

Why Choose Double Sided Tapes?

Double sided tapes are versatile adhesive products used widely across industrial, commercial, and residential sectors. They offer an efficient alternative to screws, nails, and other forms of closures. These tapes are designed to provide a clean and strong bond, making them ideal for applications requiring precision and strength.

Key Benefits of Double Sided Tapes

  • Durability: Show particular resilience in industrial environments, capable of enduring various stresses.
  • Strong Adhesion: Excellent bonding strength, even on irregular surfaces.
  • Invisibility: Hidden bonds without the bulkiness of mechanical fasteners.
  • Easy Application: Simplifies the assembly process, reducing time and effort.

Types of Double Sided Tapes

Understanding the different types of double sided tapes will help you select the best product for your specific needs.

VHB Double Sided Tape

Very High Bond (VHB) double sided tapes are known for their strong, permanent bonding capability. Ideal for bonding metals, plastics, and other materials requiring high strength.

  • Provides strong and lasting adhesion.
  • Commonly used in automotive, construction, and electronic industries.
  • Resists moisture, UV, and chemicals, making it suitable for outdoor applications.

Industrial Double Sided Tape

Industrial double sided tapes are designed to meet the high demands of manufacturing and heavy-duty applications. These tapes offer significant adherence, even in extreme conditions.

  • Perfect for bonding heavy materials like metals and composites.
  • Maintains bond strength under high temperatures and pressures.
  • Commonly used in automotive, aerospace, and industrial manufacturing.

Double Sided Transfer Tape

Double sided transfer tapes consist of a layer of adhesive on a roll, with no carrier between the adhesive layers. This results in a thin, highly conformable bond that works well for delicate applications.

  • Perfect for mounting and splicing applications.
  • Offers excellent transparency, making it ideal for aesthetic applications.
  • Available in a variety of adhesive thicknesses to suit different needs.

Double Sided Cloth Tape

Double sided cloth tapes provide strong adhesion with a flexible, cloth carrier, making them perfect for applications that require durability and flexibility.

  • Commonly used in carpeting and flooring applications.
  • Easy to cut and apply, suitable for irregular surfaces.
  • Offers durable and repositionable bonds.

Double Sided Tissue Tape

Double sided tissue tapes are thin, flexible, and easy to tear. They are ideal for lightweight applications that require a subtle and invisible bond.

  • Perfect for creating strong yet temporary bonds.
  • Easy to handle and apply, reducing application time.
  • Works well with paper, plastic, and light metal bonding.

General Purpose & Acrylic Double Sided Tapes

General purpose double sided tapes offer versatile solutions for everyday bonding needs, from mounting photos to lightweight objects. Acrylic double sided tapes offer strong and long-lasting adhesion, suitable for a variety of applications.

  • Ideal for bonding surfaces like paper, cardboard, and plastics.
  • Provides long-lasting, high-strength adhesion for everyday use.

Industries and Applications for Double Sided Tapes

Double sided tapes are used across various industries due to their reliability and efficiency. Here are some common applications:

  • Automotive: For assembly and mounting of interior and exterior parts.
  • Construction: Bonding of panels, trims, and other elements.
  • Electronics: For mounting and insulating components.
  • Signage: Attaching displays, labels, and signage components.


Double sided tapes provide a robust and versatile solution for various industrial and commercial applications. Understanding the right type of tape for your needs ensures efficiency and longevity in your projects. Explore your options today and discover the ideal double sided tape for your specific requirements.

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