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ABL's Guide To Surviving The Hot Australian Summer!

ABL's Guide To Surviving The Hot Australian Summer!

Prevent Heat Stress & Other Heat Related Illnesses

Do You Or Your Workers Suffer From Heat Related Illnesses During The Summer Months? 

ABL Can Help With Our Range Of Heat Stress Products!

Working in the hot Australian sun can be extremely taxing on the body and could create adverse effects with the most extreme being fatal.

Our human body needs to maintain an approximate temperature of 37 degrees celsius to function correctly.

If our body works too hard to keep cool or begins to overheat, a worker will suffer from a heat-related illness.

This includes (but is not limited to):
  • Heat Rash: Skin becomes irritated and cause discomfort
  • Heat Cramps: Muscles cramp due to heavy sweating without replacing sodium and electrolytes
  • Fainting: Can sometimes occur when rising from a sitting position and is caused from dehydration or heat stress
  • Heat Exhaustion: Body working too hard to keep cool
  • Dehydration: Not drinking enough water
  • Heat StrokeBody can no longer work to cool itself 
         Running in the Heat …. | TooTallFritz

There are many easy ways to protect yourself or your workers from heat-related illnesses. Some include supplements such as electrolyte replacement drinks or ice blocks, while others are as easy as following  the 1981 Cancer Council campaign ‘Slip, Slop, Slap’ (Slip on a shirt, Slop on some sunscreen and Slap on a hat!)

ABL Distribution is well aware of the effect the heat has on our workers, so we ensure we stock a wide range of Heat Stress products to help assist everyone working through the Summer months avoid heat related illnesses the best they can.

Cooling Apparel

Thorzt Evaporative Cool Vest (13077)
  • Simple V-neck with zipper closure; works for a wide range of people and uses
  • Can provide 5-10 hours of cooling relief per soaking
  • Lightweight, easy to activate, and durable
  • Machine Washable up to 60°C
This is an image of Thorzt Evaporative Cool Vest
Cooling Neck Tie (2017)
  • Re-usable cooling neck tie
  • Use as a cold pack (dip in cold water), an ice pack (place in freezer), or a heat pack (heat in microwave)
  • Crystal filled to retain water for slow release evaporation
 This is an image of Cooling Neck Tie from ABL Distribution Pty Ltd
Thorzt Chill Towel (12507)
  • Promotes thermoregulation
  • Comforts and cools the skin
  • Looks as cool as it feels
  • Machine Washable
 This is an image of Thorzt Chill Towel

Electrolyte Ice Blocks

Sqwincher Frozen Pops (17599)
  • Sqweeze hydration ice pops in 5 flavours
    • Orange, Mixed Berry, Lemon Lime, Cherry, Grape
  • Contains low sodium and no caffeine
  • Excellent first aid solution for when workers experience heat stress of dehydration
  • Rapidly cools the body temperature
This is an image of sqwincher hydrating ice pops, frozen ice blocks from ABL Distribution Pty Ltd 
Thorzt Electrolyte Ice Shots (11482)
  • Contains 10 x ICE Shot sticks / pack - mixed flavours
  • Serve frozen - super refreshing on a hot day!
  • Full of goodness! Electrolytes, magnesium, branch chain amino acids
  • Flavours: Blue Lemonade, Wild Berry, Tropical, Lemon, Lime, Orange
 This is an image of Electrolyte Ice Shots from ABL Distribution Pty Ltd

Electrolyte Liquid Concentrate

Sqwincher 2L Electrolyte Concentrate
  • Contains x6 2L Concentrate Mix
  • Flavours: Lemon Lime, Orange, Wildberry, Tropical Cooler, Grape & Lemonade
This is an image of Sqwincher 2L Electrolyte Concentrate from ABL Distribution Pty Ltd 
Thorzt Liquid Concentrate
  • Low in Sugar
  • Gluten and caffeine free
  • Proprietary electrolyte formula inc. Magnesium
  • Hypotonic
  • Available in 5 delicious flavours:
    • Ice Tea Peach, Lemon Lime, Orange, Pineapple Blast & Wild Berry
  • 600ml bottle makes 10L, or up to 20L when mixed with ice in our 20L cooler
 This is an image of Thorzt Liquid Concentrate from ABL Distribution Pty Ltd

Sugar Free Electrolyte Drink Sachets

Sqwincher Sugar Free Qwik Stiks (17601)
  • Sqwincher sachets are electrolyte enhanced beverages for effective hydration
  • Sugar free for zero calories, low sodium and caffeine free
  • Great taste for increased fluid consumption
  • Simply pour contents into a drink bottle with water, shake and drink
  • Convenient single serve packaging for portion control
  • Great sugar free alternative to energy drinks and other electrolyte replacement drinks
  • Mixed Flavours: Orange, Mixed Berry, Lemonade, Grape, Lemon Lime & Cool Citrus
Sqwincher electrolyte sachets, sugar free qwik stiks from ABL Distribution Pty Ltd 
Thorzt Sugar Free Solo Shots (10995)
  • 99.9% sugar-free
  • Gluten and caffeine free
  • 3g solo shot sachet makes 600ml
  • Essential amino acids
  • C and B group vitamins
  • Electrolyte mineral blend
  • Great sugar free alternative to energy drinks and other electrolyte replacements drinks 
  • Mix of Wild Berry, Lemon Lime, Blue Lemonade, Orange and Tropical flavours 
 Thorzt Sugar Free Solo Shots

Wide Brim Hat

Straw Hat With Orange Band
  • Wide brim for extra sun protection
  • Hi Vis orange band
  • Supplied strap with toggle
  • Available in sizes: S, M, L, XL
Straw Hat With Orange Band 


Pro Bloc SPF 50+ Sunscreen
  • SPF 50+ containing Aloe Vera & Vitamin E
  • Protects against fierce Ultra Violet Rays (UVR)
  • 4hrs water resistance
  • Recommended in work conditions that cause heavy sweating
  • Approved to AS/NZS 2604:2012
  • Made in Australia
    Pro Bloc 50+ Sunscreen from ABL Distribribution Pty Ltd 

The Cancer Council is a great way to research ways you can help keep you and your workers safe in the sun. Founded in 1961, the Cancer Council has been the premier sun safety organisation in Australia assisting many companies and organisations ensure their sun smart policies are current and protecting their workers.

80% of Australians suffer from dehydration daily, so it is extremely important to keep hydration up throughout the day whether you are out in the sun or in an office.

  • For construction workers or those working outside, it is recommended you drink between 500ml and 1L every hour.
  • For office staff or those doing sedentary work it is recommended to drink between 2L and 3L a day
  • Whilst coffee and tea are composed primarily of water it is crucial to recognise your caffeine intake for the day as caffeine can assist in dehydration.  

Whilst heat and dehydration are serious health issues that need to be monitored let’s not forget what happens in Australian summers!
It storms, and it storms hard. So you may be in need of updating your rain protection gear such as raincoats and gumboots!

ABL Distribution can assist you with all your heat stress and storm needs! Give us a call on 07 5618 5100 and one of our friendly staff members will be happy to assist you!

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