Polypropylene Strapping Tools

Polypropylene Strapping tools include hand held tensioners and crimpers.
ABL offer polypropylene strapping, seals to suit polypropylene strapping and polypropylene strapping tools.

 1. What is the difference between a tensioner and a crimper?
A tensioner and a crimper work hand in hand. The tensioner is used to tighten the strapping around the pallet or item and a crimper is used to crimp seals onto the strapping to ensure it stays in place.

2. Can you ship Polypropylene Strapping Tools?
We sure can!
Polypropylene Strapping Tools can be shipped using our own ABL trucks throughout our local area. Orders over $100 qualify for free shipping (Selected Tweed, Gold Coast and Brisbane areas). Orders outside our FIS area and across Australia will incur a shipping charge. Want to get a shipping cost estimate? Give one of our friendly sales representatives a call today!
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