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Eco-Friendly Packaging & The Circular Economy Guide In 2021

Eco-Friendly Packaging & The Circular Economy Guide In 2021

Eco-Friendly Tape, Mailers, Void Fill & More

Learn More About The Circular Economy & Make Your Business More Sustainable!

The circular economy is a concept that promotes sustainability, recycling and clever product design
Each year only 9 percent of primary materials are being recycled (United Nations Environment Programme, 2019). Whilst we know this is unsustainable, the usual 'make-take-dispose' customer approach is in effect and greatly impacts human health, climate change as well as the environment.
A 'circular economy' could support development of new industries and jobs, help reduce green house gas emissions and increase the effective use of natural resources (energy, water & materials).
The circular economy stands to boost entire economies by maximising resource utility and incorporating the circulatory concept during production and consumption.
In Australia where the value of our natural resources lies only in their raw, unprocessed state, a circular economy is critical to ensure future prosperity and economic security. 

How Can You Help?

  • Embrace the 'new wave' of products that promote sustainable manufacture
  • Create ways to reuse and recycle
  • Work with waste recyclers and re-manufacturers
  • Look for products with accredited Australian & International Standards

A. Product Design Innovation

  • Void Fill Solutions
    • 'Void Fill' means products that fill 'gaps' in cartons and prevent damage in transit. 
      • Bio-Fill - These are cornstarch made packaging peanuts.
      • EcoPure Bubble Wrap - This special bubble wrap has an additive that ensures that it biodegrades in landfill within 5 years.
      • Hexcelwrap - A honeycomb, compostable and recyclable paper product that cushions and protects products in transit
  • Compostable Mailers
    • ABL's range of plant based compostable mailers are suitable for e-commerce and general warehouse use. These mailers can be reused as mailers or alternative tidy bags. 
  • Day To Day Consumables
    • Biobased water cupscoffee cupsserviettesplates and cutlery are a better choice than older plastic technologies
  • Cardboard Boxes
    • Mainstream Australian carton pulp manufacturers use recycled paper or paper derived from sustainably produced pulp. The status of overseas cartons can vary so check for the correct identification. 
  • Compostable Plastic Bags
    • Compostable produce bags are now available and we anticipate more general use compostable bags to be stocked in the coming months.
    • All conventional plastic bags over 35um thick are re-usable and businesses may be devise clever ways to reuse plastic bags. 
  • 'Thin' Palletwrap
    • New plastic technologies mean that thinner films can be very strong. e.g. 15um can be as strong as 23um when using our Maxstretch Xtreme Palletwrap. This technology means less landfill and raw material consumption. Other advantages include lower cost and better ergonomics.
  • Paper Packaging Tapes
    • Tesa and Ubis offer paper packaging tapes that are made of 99% recycled backings rather than plastic polypropylene backing. 
  • Water Activated Tapes
    • These are sustainable paper tapes that use a water based 'craft style' glue. Combined with the right equipment, they are a time efficient solution for both small and large users. (Amazon uses this tape in their distribution centres!)
  • Compostable Packaging Tapes
    • Monta, a Germany company, produce a compostable packaging tape made from bio based film with a natural rubber adhesive (90% recycled). It is superb quality!

B. Recycling Waste and Re-Usability


Please ensure that your waste pick up company provides you with different types of bins (waste, paper & cardboard, plastics, general etc.)
Source separation helps with efficient and effective recycling

Explore Options

Many unnoticed Australian companies will help you to engage in re-manufacturing
For example, in Queensland, Resitech recycles plastic waste and poly pipes into damp course, cable covers, root guard and poly barriers.

For more information on sustainability and eco-friendly products please don't hesitate to contact us. 
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