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Easy Guide to 3M Versaflo Powered Air Purifying Respirators (PAPR)

Easy Guide to 3M Versaflo Powered Air Purifying Respirators (PAPR)

ABL's Guide To 3M Versaflo Powered Air Purifying Respirator Units

Checkout Our Easy To Follow Q&A's Below

What does PAPR mean?

Powered Air Purifying Respirator. 

What is a 3M Versaflo TR300, TR600 and TR800 powered air purifying respirator?

It is a battery-operated respirator that provides the user with a continuous stream of positively powered, filtered air. 

How do they differ from regular negative pressure  reusable and disposable masks?

PAPR works on positive pressure, meaning that cleaner air is effectively provided 'on-tap' to the operators face/mouth.  This replaces the need for air to be pulled through filters as has to happen with regular half or full face mask.
3M Versaflo units have a range of loose fitting headwear options, varied airflow abilities and a wide range of spare/replacement parts. 

Do 3M Versaflo's require fit testing?

3M Versaflo are considered a loose fitting respirator and operate on positive pressure.
Loose fitting positive pressure respirators DO NOT require fit testing. 

Are 3M Versaflo PAPR's expensive?

In the long term - no they are not. 
The initial investment is offset by long term savings in less frequent filter changeouts, new mask and additional PPE purchases (ear, eye and face protection). 
A huge factor to consider is increased worker productivity as a result of not having to expend energy 'pulling' air through filters during periods of exertion. 

How do i save further money when using 3M Versaflo units?

It is recommended to regularly change pre-filters within the Versaflo TR unit as this will help pro-long the life of the main filter.
Use the provided visor tear offs as they protect the main face shield from scratches.
Regular cleaning/laundering of headwear, breathing tubes and TR outer housing. Contact us today for more information on 3M Versaflo Laundering - We offer this service!!
3M respirator wipes are also an ideal cleaning aid. 

Can i have facial hair when wearing a 3M Versaflo PAPR unit?

Yes you can!
The 3M versaflo range of helmets and hoods are classed as 'loose fitting' - therefore they DO NOT require fit testing (unlike tight fitting half and full face masks) and the wearer can maintain their facial hair (as long as this hair does not interfere with the seal on the loose fitting headwear.

I'm a stonemason who also works with engineered stone, will a 3M Versaflo PAPR unit be suitable for me?

YES, the 3M Versaflo TR300 with P3 filter, and pre-filter will provide you with protection from airborne particles such as silica dust. 
Checkout our handy 3M Versaflo Trm206c Head Unit W/ Tr300 Papr Turbo Unit - Ideal for stonemasons!

What about protection from other general industry dust?

The P3 capabilities of the 3M Versaflo range also help to protect against concrete/construction dust, some thermally generated particles (recommended to have P3 particular filter with nuisance level organic vapour relief), asbestos and wood. 

What if i work in environments with gases and vapours like pharmaceutical, chemical spraying, smelting, agriculture etc.? 

The 3M Versaflo TR600 offers users combined protection against particles and certain gases and vapours through its A1P3, ABEHgP3 filter and pre-filter options. 
Checkout the 3M Versaflo Tr-619A Powered Air Turbo Kit here!

What headgear can i use?

The entire 3M M-Series rigid helmets and 3M S-Series soft hoods are fully interchangeable throughout the whole 3M Versaflo range.
This means that you can swap headwear depending on the task you are performing. 

How do i know when to change my filter or charge my battery?

The 3M Versaflo range possesses handy indicators located on the top o the TR power unit. These are designed to notify the user when the main filter is loaded or the battery is low on charge. 
There is also a handy 'test; button on the underside of the battery which gives you a quick indication of charge level.

What if i require more air to my face?

Another great feature of the 3M Versaflo range is the ability to increase the airflow rate from 170 to 210 litres per minute. 
A simple double tap of the power button enables and disables this function. 

What is i want to alter the airflow direction inside my helmet?

There's a handy air deflector located inside every 3M M-series rigid helmet, this can be used to direct air to the users face or onto the visor.

How long does the battery last between charges?

The standard 3M Versaflo battery will last approx. 8-10 hours between charges (based on standard airflow rate).

Are spare parts available?

YES. The 3M Versaflo range is known for it's wide range of spare parts and accessories which help keep units in working order for a number of years. 
Our full range of 3M Versaflo spare parts and accessories can be found on our website! Can't find what you need? Contact us so we can help!

Some Helpful Tips & Tricks

  • Consider engaging ABL Distribution, in conjunction with 3M Australia, to undertake an employee toolbox talk with unit users.
  • Refer to ABL's handy 'How-To' instructional video to ensure you have your unit in correct working order.
  • Ensure that your workplace has a designated clean room or safe storage place for your 3M Versaflo units.
    • This should include storage;
      • Lockers for storing units,
      • An area for spare parts,
      • Ample power points for battery charging and,
      • Plenty of respirator wipes.
  • It is recommended that shift supervisors are appointed to monitor proper equipment use and maintenance in line with other workplace schedules already in place.
  • Regularly change out the black pre-filter, this will help to prolong the life of the main filter.
  • Replace the visor peel offs as often as needed.
  • Never blow compressed air through the TR power units.
    • The only time you need to open your power unit is to change the relevant filters.
  • Avoid cleaning your Versaflo unit with harsh chemicals.
  • Do not employ particle filters for chemical related handling work.
    • Particle filters are not designed to processes gases & vapours.
  • Do not continue to use your 3M Versaflo PAPR unit if the audible alarm is sounding.
    • It is recommended that the unit is removed from use and systems checks are performed as per the 3M user guide.
    • There could be a number of reasons for the alarm sounding;
      • Battery low on power,
      • Filter loading or,
      • Airflow issues. 
    • Contact Us for more help!
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