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Easy Guide To EPE Foam (Polyfoam)

Easy Guide To EPE Foam (Polyfoam)

Solve Your Packaging Problems!

EPE Foam (or 'polyfoam') is a soft, semi rigid flexible closed cell foam. It is great for packaging, for impact 'absorption', vibration dampening and surface protection.

Key Features:

  • Thicker specifications (2mm upwards) have 'memory' and can provide protection  against 'bumpy' impacts in transit (superior to bubble wrap or corrugated cardboard)
  • Great 'clean' look enhances customer's first impression of your product
  • No 'marks' from plasticiser transfer (this can be an issue with bubble wrap or cardboard)
  • Very easy to customise - Rolls can be slit and/or perforated for time saving 'sheets'
  • Economy - Cheaper than cardboard
  • Wide range: 0.5mm to 12mm thickness and 1.2m  and 1.5m rolls in a variety of thicknesses

Typical Solutions:

    • 4mm-12mm thick polyfoam slit to 300mm gives great edge protection for 4x4 ute company canopy trays in transit
    • In kits of furniture 1mm or 2mm polyfoam protects laminated surfaces from scratching and help to prevent damage
    • Great 'safe' protection for powder coated products in transit
    • Perforated and slit sheets (e.g. 100mm x 300mm) in 1mm or 2mm are great for safely wrapping small parts
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