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3 Palletwrap Essentials

3 Palletwrap Essentials

Pallet Wrap Made Easy

Three Essentials for Easier Palletizing

With over 30 years experience in the industry, ABL understand how a warehouse really works (we have one!).
We know how to use products to help make your work place run smarter, faster & cheaper.

1. Use The Right Wrap For The Job

Wrapping a pallet correctly is a more significant task than it may seem.
It is an investment in your warehouse labour’s time, it secures your valuable products for travel or storage and plays a vital role in the safety of your workplace’s storage.

A) Light to Medium Weight Loads?

Clear cast film for light to medium loads.
The new generation films like Max Stretch come into their own here.  New technology creates a thinner, but durable ‘stiff’ film. Try out this new pallet wrap option—the cost savings are huge!

B) High Value Products that Need Extra Security

If you have a problem with pilferage of your high value items… then opaque black pallet wrap is the best solution to make your products less easy to identify.

Try our black 25um cast film as a cost effective, but excellent quality general purpose black film.

White pallet wrap is also available, which adds security but also means the contents of your pallet will not heat up so fast if left in the sun when compared to black film. Great for food.

C) Spikey, Uneven, Pointy-Edged Pallets and Packages

It is important to use a thicker pallet wrap (ie. more micrometres, or um) for uneven pallets. It ensures that the wrap will not break around the edges of the product, and it will hold it together more safely and with less wraps. Great for trickier situations, blown film is often considered more resilient to puncture than cast film pallet wrap for the same thickness of film.

D) Pallets left Long Term Outdoors

All pallet wraps break down eventually over time in UV light as it reacts with the plastic.

If storing pallets outside for lengthy periods, you can save the need to regularly re-wrap by using UV resistant film.

2. Wrapping 15 Pallets Plus Per Day? Save Money and Time Now!

If you are wrapping over 15 pallets a day by hand, then the time has come to consider machinery.

There are huge cost savings on warehouse labour with new sensor technology enabling the operator to walk away to get the next pallet whilst one is being perfectly wrapped by the machine!
In addition, pallets will be wrapped with perfect tension and consistency so you can manage your expenses on wrap, and have a safe, consistent product for delivery to your clients too.

For many organisations, the pallet wrap machine will pay itself off within 6 months, and reliably reap savings for years to come.

3. Use a Top Sheet

Top sheets are a simple, tear off, solution to an awkward and ineffective wrapping situation.
With these three easy tips to implement in your warehouse now, check out our extensive range of pallet wrap options and start working smarter today.

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