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The Ultimate Guide For Top Quality eCommerce Packaging

The Ultimate Guide For Top Quality eCommerce Packaging

The Importance Of Packaging In The World Of eCommerce

It is clear to see that online shopping has boomed over the past few years, considering the unprecedented times we are experiencing and its impact on the economy worldwide.

Statistics show that the growth of e-commerce is rapidly increasing across the globe.

Last financial year 9.1 million Australian households shopped online and e-commerce sales grew by roughly 32%. It is anticipated to continue on this path over the next 4 years. 

So, How Does This Specifically Relate To eCommerce Packaging?

The way you package your items is how you protect your products, establish your brand identity, and control your shipping costs.

The last thing your customers want, is to receive items they have paid and patiently waited for, in a damaged state.
We all know during transport, between the multiple freight companies a package might have to travel through, this may ultimately happen.

With most e-commerce businesses on the rise and the influx of orders coming through every day, ideally you would want to spend less time dealing with damaged orders and disappointed customers.
It is definitely worth looking into higher quality packaging for the sake of your customers and repeat business. 

Ho Do I Know What To Packaging My Products In?

What you choose to pack your items in, prompts an opportunity to create a memorable experience for the consumer.

First impressions are a big deal. Here at ABL Distribution we offer a huge range of cardboard cartons and we also offer custom carton orders, meaning you chose the size, style and any prints you may want to have.

If printed packaging is something you may want to look into, you can find out more by contacting us or simply filling out our custom carton enquiry form
Alternatively, we can print on packaging tape. This may be a more cost efficient way for you to differentiate your brand, please click
here to find out more.

The type of packaging that best suits your products will depend on several factors.

The first being the weight of the products. The heavier the product the stronger the carton you will need.
At ABL Distribution we are known for our high quality cardboard boxes.

Another factor is how fragile your products are. Lightweight products may need extra safeguard to keep them protected.
The most common ways to fill empty space in cartons or just to provide protection for items is with void fill.
Our most popular void fill solutions that our customers love are bubble wrap, bio-fill, air cushions and eco-friendly kraft paper void fill varieties. 

Environmental Impacts On eCommerce Packaging

The demand for eco-friendly packaging is becoming more and more prevalent as the world becomes more aware of environmental concerns.

You will find a lot of e-commerce businesses are switching to packaging that is compostable, recycled/recyclable and eco-friendly.

For some consumers this is the determining factor of whether they choose to support your business or go elsewhere.

packaging can display a shared value between you and your customer, there is where customer loyalty can come into play.

You can find our range of eco-friendly packaging options and materials here

Cartons For eCommerce Businesses

Choosing the correct size carton for your product is crucial.
You don't want too much extra space otherwise it will require more void fill, which ultimately increases the weight and raises the costs of shipping.

Here at ABL Distribution we have an extensive range of cardboard cartons of all different shapes and sizes.
If you can't find the perfect carton already in our range, you can enquire here about our custom cartons.


Mailers are a popular and cheap way to ship lightweight, non-fragile items.

If you are an avid online clothing shopper you may have noticed that these are often the go to choice of packaging, especially compostable mailers.
They are easily disposed of and you can simply throw them in with your compost at home. Another cheap but efficient way of packaging smaller but perhaps more fragile items is with padded mailers.

Check out ABL Distributions range of pulp padded mailers, honeycomb padded mailers, bubble padded mailers, heavy duty mailers, bubble wrap bags, plus more

Void Fill

If you have empty space that you need to fill your packages with, there is no doubt that ABL Distribution will solve all of your void fill problems with the items listed below:
  • Kraft Paper
  • Bubble Wrap
  • Foam Wrap
  • Bio-fill
  • Air Pillows and Instapak

In the e-commerce world, it isn't entirely about the packaging materials you use to get your orders safely from A to B, what's inside is the package is the most important.
You may like to think of it as the physical manifestation of your brand voice.

ABL Distribution can help you with ANY of your packaging needs or enquiries. Give one of our friendly team members a call today or contact us here!
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