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Cartons To Fit Inside Compostable Mailers!

Cartons To Fit Inside Compostable Mailers!

Not Sure What Carton Will Fit Inside Your Compostable Mailer?

ABL Has Put Together The Perfect Guide To Assist You!

If you are an e-commerce business or you are simply looking for ways to package your orders, ABL Distribution has experimented and assembled a handy guide in relation to specific cartons that fit inside certain mailers from our range. 

To start off we began with the increasingly popular Compostable Mailers.

Our Compostable Mailers are made with a premium matte finish and a strong adhesive strip for easy sealing. We believe our Compostable Mailers are some of the best on the market, with 5 different sizes available, they can be composted at home, in the office or commercially.

A Little Bit About Their Compostability:

 90% or more of the plastic converts to CO2 and the remaining share turns into water and biomass (valuable compost).

What Is The True Meaning Of Compostable?

Compostable” means organic waste such as food decomposes naturally under oxygen and microbe-rich conditions.  There are industrial compost facilities and composting systems for the home (e.g. a compost bin or a worm farm).  Compostable packaging is made of sustainable materials and plant by-products,  like corn starch, that are eaten by microorganisms, worms and so, naturally decompose in microbe and oxygen-rich environments just like organic waste, but much faster than biodegradable option. Certified compostable products break down as if they were never there. Ultimately this generates carbon dioxide and water without leaving any harmful residues.  Not only this will not pollute the environment, but also helps fertilize plants and vegetation.

ABL Distribution is all about sustainability and eco-friendly products, and we know a lot of industries like to ship their goods inside cartons as well as a mailer, so to make life a bit easier we have put together a list of our cartons that will fit inside our mailers.

Carton > Mailer Guide

Black Compostable Mailer 


Carton #1


Carton #2

SKU: 35005 190mm x 260mm + 40mm Lip               SKU: 2500 - DC1 166mm x 76mm x 35mm                SKU: 2501 - DC2 170mm x 80mm x 75mm
SKU: 35006 220mm x 340mm + 40mm Lip               SKU: 23627 - 500g Long Carton 178mm x 120mm x 70mm               SKU: 23968 - 500g Die Cut Shipper 217mm x 153mm x 40mm
SKU: 35007 265mm x 380mm + 40mm Lip               SKU: 23298 - Small Parts Carton 230mm x 150mm x 80mm               SKU: 23358 - AP1 Die Cut Shipper 220mm x 157mm x 75mm
SKU: 35008 360mm x 480mm + 40mm Lip               SKU: 23329 - Heavy Duty LA4 Carton 310mm x 215mm x 130mm               SKU: 23887 - Presentation Die Cut Shipper 310mm x 205mm x 90mm
SKU: 35009 500mm x 600mm + 50mm Lip                SKU: 23197 - Shallow A3 Printer Carton 430mm x 310mm x 170mm               SKU: 58016 - #5 Surprise & Delight 406mm x 296mm x 140mm


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