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Cartons To Fit Inside Courier Mailers!

Cartons To Fit Inside Courier Mailers!

Can't Find A Mailer That Will Fit Your Carton Inside?

ABL Distribution Has The Perfect Guide For You!

Are you looking for high quality ways to package your goods?
Look no further as ABL Distribution has just the solution for you.

Packaging of your goods is important as it helps your business stand out. Whether you are in e-commerce or a brick and mortar store, these are some things to take into consideration.

Well designed packaging will almost always pay for itself. Packaging is something we believe is well worth investing in.

A Little Bit About The Mailers:

Our shurtuff courier mailers are a tough and economical with a high performance multilayer film to provide excellent tear and impact resistance.
With a self seal closure to keep content secure and provide tamper evidence, these
courier mailers are perfect for that extra bit of  protection and good precaution.
They are made from a high performance multilayer film.
They are an opaque white so they are easy to write on and provide security and confidentiality of the packages.

We know that people love to package their items in both cartons as well as a mailers. We think this is a brilliant idea, so to make life easier we have put together a guide using cartons and mailers from our warehouse to help you decide 

Courier Mailer                  Carton #1                  Carton #2 
 SKU: 4598 #1 190mm x 260mm + 50mm                   SKU: 2500 - DC1 166mm x 76mm x 35mm                  SKU: 2501 - DC2 170mm x 80mm x 75mm
 SKU: 4597 #2 250mmx 325mm + 50mm                  SKU: 23298 - Small Parts 230mm x 150mm x 80mm                  SKU: 23358 - AP1 220mm x 157mm x 75mm
 SKU: 2360 #3 280mm x 380mm + 50mm                  SKU: 23288 - Cosmetic Stock 205mm x 190mm x 80mm                 SKU: 58008 - #1 Surprise & Delight 220mm x 170mm x 90mm
 SKU: 4601 #4 340mm x 440mm + 50mm                  SKU: 22973 - 3Kg Courier Post 300mm x 190mm x 95mm                  SKU: 23887 - Presentation Die Cut 310mm x 205mm x 90mm
 SKU: 4600 #5 420mm x 450mm + 50mm                  SKU: 23329 - Heavy Duty LA4 310mm x 215mm x 130mm                  SKU: 2934 - GCP 334 302mm x 229mm x 95mm 
 SKU: 3217 #6 600mm x 650mm + 50mm                 SKU: 23134 - Q37 413mm x 285mm x 187mm                 SKU: 2541 - GCP 131 480mm x 270mm x 320mm
 SKU: 11921 #7 500mm x 650 + 50mm                 SKU: 2509 - GCP 3 356mm x 229mm x 229mm                 SKU: 58016 - #5 Surprise & Delight 406mm x 296mm x 140mm
SKU: 11922 #8 650mm x 750mm + 50mm                 SKU: 7728 - 897 Heavy Duty 545mm x 355mm x 180mm                 SKU: 2341 - A3 430mm x 320mm x 280mm
SKU: 11923 #9 750mm x 900mm + 50mm                 SKU: 2515 - ABL 795 508mm x 356mm x 330mm                 SKU: 2538 - ABL 96 538mm x 333mm x 348mm

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