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Moving House Made Easy

Moving House Made Easy

Moving Tips & Advice From ABL

Creating Smooth Moves!

Try these helpful tips below to make your next move a little easier.

1) Start Early! Declutter First!

  • If you can give yourself several weeks to pack up your house. 8 - 12 weeks is ideal.
  • Before you move is a great time to declutter your house, selling or giving away items you don't need. This way, you don't need to move your clutter with you!
  • Once you have decluttered, start by packing the things you don't immediately need day-to-day first so these are done by the time of the rush to get things done.
  • The kitchen is always the biggest job to pack up, try to get a head start on this by packing away items you don't use frequently and just leaving basic kitchen supplies for final pack-up. It is also help to run down your pantry supplies too coming up to your move.

2) Pack Smart!

  • Mark your boxes as you pack them with a marker pen.
  • Be sure to write what room the box is from, and a short list of the types of items contained within.
  • This helps the boxes to end up in the right place at the other end, and to help you know what to unpack first! No one likes unpacking 5 boxes to find the can opener!
  • Don't over-pack your boxes (this can lead to disaster in many ways!) and mark heavy items. Use book boxes not tea chest size cartons for books and heavy items where possible.
  • Fill the void in the rest of the box with light materials - cushions, pillows etc.
  • Use bubble wrap, held on with good quality masking tape to protect the edges of your furniture. Bubble wrap is also ideal to layer in between and around breakables and to scrunch fill your carton void space. Always use bubble not paper for your precious valuables as the protection offered is far superior.
  • Bundling film is a useful item for grouping items together and stopping them clattering (eg. plates).

3) Hire A Trolley And Use Correct Lift Techniques

  • Be sure to hire a trolley to help you transport heavier items with ease if you are DIY moving.
  • Always be mindful of the correct lifting techniques a moving day back injury is no fun!

4) Make Your New House Feel Like Home Right Away

  • Make up a special first box to open! The first box should contain a kettle, a few mugs and your favourite tea or coffee. It is important to be able to relax while you survey the progress of things!
  • It might be a good idea to have an 'open first' box for several different rooms in your home.
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