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Tips On Setting Up Your Warehouse

Tips On Setting Up Your Warehouse

Starting A New Warehouse Business Or Simply Upgrading In Size? ABL's Top Tips To Help!

Often We Are Asked For Advise On Warehouse Efficiency.

Here Are Some Pointers...

1. Lease Or Buy The Right Space

  • Is there enough room for expansion?
  • Higher ceilings  allow for higher racking and less cost per square metre of space.
  • Good Access to transport hubs for customer parking, for unloading , for containers and container trucks.
  • Is the power supply adequate? e.g. Do you need 3 phase?

2. Plan Your Layout

  • Place awkward to lift items in lower areas.
  • Put often picked lines in the front to minimise picking times.
  • Design a clearly defined goods inward and good outward zone.
  • Clearly code and mark picking bays and slots.
  • Keep rubbish away.
  • Security cameras?
  • Courier pickup zone?
  • Digital picking slips?

3. Get The Right 'Tech And Equipment'

  • Design a layout (and power points) for desktop terminal, forklift charger or gas bottles, semi auto strapping machine and pallet wrappers (if needed).

4. Buy The 'Right' Forklift

  • Think ahead in terms of turning circles, pallet height and reach capabilities.

5. Consumables. Have You Got?

  • Sufficient pens and marking pens
  • The right pallet wrap (consider if black is needed to prevent pilferage, what's the most economical thickness for your tasks - we can help here) ; Pallet wrapping tools
  • Invoice enclosed envelopes, Fragile / Top Load / D.G / Security Tape or Stickers
  • The right strapping and buckles / seals, correct tooling
  • Knives and blades
  • Mailers, plastic and klickseal bags
  • Protective packaging (bubble wrap, polyfoam, corrugated cardboard)
  • Packaging tapes and dispensers (remember to choose acrylic adhesives for low temperature locations e.g. freezers)
  • Don't forget hand towels and toilet paper
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