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ABL's Guide To Saving Money On Packaging Supplies

ABL's Guide To Saving Money On Packaging Supplies

Save Money On Packaging Supplies With These Helpful Tips

More Money Saving Ideas For Packaging!

1. Don't Over Specify Your Palletwrap

If you're wrapping smooth sided pallets ( e.g. regular 'square' pallets) you should look at the new generations "Maxstretch" or "Infinity" palletwrap.
This could potentially save you 30% -40% over compared to the older styles of palletwrap.

2. Don't Under Specify Palletwrap Either!

For irregular or sharp items or pallets, the inner cheaper grades of palletwrap can mean that 5-6 layers of palletwrap are needed.
Using thicker grades means vastly reduced material use as only 2-3 layers are necessary. In many situations top quality 25um blown palletwrap is the "cheapest" option overall. 

3. Look For Labour Saving Customer Slits And Perforations On Bubblewrap And Polyfoam

We often find customers spending lots of time cutting bubblewrap into small pieces for repetitive "fill" or packaging needs. (e.g. bubblewrap sheets 300 x 450mm).
Often we can design a tailor made solution ex factory - cost at maybe an extra $7 - $10 per bubblewrap roll versus $25 - $ 35 per hour labour cost!
If this problem is applicable to you, please phone us to work out a solution.
Polyfoam is a similar situation. We have helped many customers streamline their wrapping process through custom polyfoam slits. Again please contact us about custom polyfoam

4. Review Your Custom Carton Or Box Requirements

This process requires individual consultation but often savings can be made here on your box or carton costs.


  • Is the box thickness correct? (Here we are looking for "over specification" or too thick board. Or, failure to use newer "lighter but still strong" specifications on your board).
  • Are you using more expensive "white" board where plain brown on your boxes will do?
  • Optimal pallet fit. This one is more complicated but can your carton or box be re-designed so that you can get more on a pallet and thus drop your per unit shipping costs? Given ever increasing transport costs, clever design can mean big savings!
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