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5 Common Misconceptions In Packaging Supplies

5 Common Misconceptions In Packaging Supplies

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Common Misconceptions About Packaging Supplies

We've Heard Them All!

1. Corrugated Cardboard Is Cheaper Than Bubblewrap

This was true in the 1980's but as a rule bubblewrap is now about 30% cheaper than corrugated cardboard per square meter.
An added bonus is that bubblewrap offers better void volume and moisture resistance as well. 

2. Polyfoam Isn't Worth The Extra Cost Over Bubblewrap

Not always.
Polyfoam offers vastly superior protective memory (bubbles can burst and don't re-inflate on impact) as well as giving greatly reduced chance of plastisizer transfer on many surfaces (e.g. no marks or "raindrop" on acrylic surfaces).
The marginally dearer rate per meter is worth it - what's the cost of re-work or replacing goods damaged or marked in transit?

3. Twin Wall Cartons Are Always The Best For Heavy Duty Applications

​We agree that twin wall boxes offer great protection. But new technology grades like Xitex also offer great protection, better cost per carton and superior crush strength. 
​What's the exact hazard that you're trying to stop? If it is for a forklift blade through the inside of the box, neither twin cushion or xitex will help. 
Ask us about the right solution for your needs.

4. I Need Printed Cartons To Promote My Brand

We agree that printed cartons will enhance your brands equity.
The problem arises when your product is new to the market and you're unsure of its future success OR when you need many different sizes of cartons and the cost of eleven different stereos is scary!
In these situations it may be wise to get a printed packaging tape. This still looks good, promotes your brand, encourages re-orders but is a much cheaper and more flexible alternative.

5. The Cheapest Per Unit Cost Is The Cheapest Source...

Sadly this isn't always true.
For example, we still see customers "sucked in" by cheap price on say bubblewrap only to find that they are often charges $40 to $60 if not more delivery or cube charges. Because the purchasing person may only see a delivery docket and the actual invoice goes via email to accounts, we find that the perpetrators of this practice are often able to get away with 'murder'!
Please check the TOTAL COST of your packaging supplies - be wary of the charges that may be "hidden" at the bottom of your invoice. 
Common Misconceptions About Packaging Supplies... We've Heard Them All!Common Misconceptions About Packaging Supplies... We've Heard Them All!

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