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Die Cut Cartons for E-Commerce

Die Cut Cartons for E-Commerce

What Are Die Cut Cartons?

Are They Right For You?

What Are They?

Die cut cartons are cut from corrugated cardboard sheets with a machine known as a 'Die Press'.

Die cut cartons are first designed to your specifications and then a die press is set and programmed to cut your cartons. 

Die cut cartons are easy and affordable.

These are made as a layflat carton which includes, folds, tabs and slots to make for easy and hassle free construction.

This also eliminates the need for tape, tape dispensers, glue and / or staples. 

Are They Right For You?

Are you still trying to determine if die cut cartons are right for you and your products?

A benefit of die cut cartons is they are uniform in shape and size. Because the 'Die' is made to your exact specifications this means each carton that is made from this die will be identical - meaning a universal and more professional look throughout your packing and shipping process. 

Another big advantage of using die cut cartons is how much you can save on wastage.
Being able to customise a carton to your exact product saves on wasting space and wasting other packing materials.
These cartons can also save you on freight / shipping charges.
Many couriers charge by cubic measurements.
This meaning you are charged by the dimensions of the carton being shipping, not the weight or size of the item inside (simply meaning if your cartons are too big, you are paying to send air).

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