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What Is The BEST Disposable Respirator Mask Around?

What Is The BEST Disposable Respirator Mask Around?

Need A Default 'Go To' Mask/Respirator?

ABL Is Here To Help!

Here at ABL Distribution we are sometimes asked a question like...
' We do lots of different tasks here... Some grinding, some welding, sometimes we decant some thinners. We need a default 'Go To' mask/respirator.

We stock a big range of masks and respirators so answering this question isn't easy.
So here's our considered answer... 

3M 9322A+ Flat Fold Disposable Respirator Mask 
This is an image of 3M P2 Flat Fold Disposable Respirator


So Why?

  • 9322A+ masks are P2 rated so they will protect against mechanically generated particles (e.g. by grinding), thermally generated (e.g. by welding) plus P1 level dust particles (e.g. sawdust)
  • 9322A+ masks have a very clever 'Flow Valve' that makes them easy to wear - Cooler, moisture reducing and allows for easier breathing. 
  • 9322A+ masks have a comfortable adjustable (especially around the nose) design that gives a close fit. We found that 95% of people will pass fit testing with a 9322A+. By contrast many 'cheapie' moon mask designs have VERY HIGH FAILURE rates. Like ALL disposable respirator masks, mask wearers MUST be clean shaven to ensure a good proper fit!
  • 9322A+ are economical in use. WHY? Cheaper moon respirator masks have the appearance of economy. But after many years of selling masks, we find the users don't discard their 9322A+ after only a little while because of discomfort as they do with cheaper ones. Longer work like means an overall saving plus better worker productivity as comfort always increases work quality.  

Here Is A Great Link Illustrating How To Wear A 3M 9322a+ Respirator Mask:

Click here to see the 3M 9300A+ Series Fitting Poster

Here Are Some More Technical Links On 3M 9322a+ Respirator Masks:

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Click here to see the 3M 9300A+ Series Technical Data Sheet

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How to wear a 9322A+ respirator mask?

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