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3M 9322A+ Flat Fold Respirators - Industry Leading Respirator

3M 9322A+ Flat Fold Respirators - Industry Leading Respirator

4 Things You Need To Know About 3M Flat Fold Respirators

9322a+ respirators are very popular.

Here are 4 reasons why:

  1. 3M 9322a+ masks offer great comfort - superior design and 3M's 'cool valve' design means they are great to wear, even in humid weather. 
  2. 3M 9322a+ masks consistently enable clean shaven wearers to pass fit testing - their adjustable nose piece plus their clever 3 panel design means very good fit and facial seal.
  3. 3M 9322a+ masks are disposable P2 rated - P2 means they suit a wide variety of protection jobs - both mechanically generated (e.e.sanding or grinding) and thermally generated (e.e. welding) particulates are blocked.
  4. 3M 9322a+ masks have a 'cool valve' that helps to lessen 'fogging' with eyewear and an embossed top panel that also helps to reduce fogging. 

Click here to see a video on how to fit a 3M 9322a+ Flat Fold Respirator. 

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