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3 Ways to Use Packaging to Draw Bigger E-Commerce Profits!

3 Ways to Use Packaging to Draw Bigger E-Commerce Profits!

Do You Want To Increase Your eCommerce Sales?

We Can Help You To Improve Your Profits From eCommerce!

ABL Distribution sell a big range of packaging items for eCommerce.

Including boxes, bubblewrap, polyfoam, paper void fills, tissue paper, paper and plastic packaging tapes, courier bags, jiffy bags, bubble bags, biofill "peanuts" etc.
We stock it all!

ABL Distribution is also an active seller on Ebay as well as one of the largest sellers of packaging online in Australia. 

Here Are Our 3 Ways To Improve Your eCommerce Profits!

1. Cost Control on Freight.

  • We all know that freight costs are a big issue. For example Ebay sellers know that to get top ranking they need to list and sell their products with *Free Shipping.
  • Do you know that a critical cost issue can be to maximise your volumetrics?
    • What do your parcels cube at? Checkout the easy to use calculator on Toll's website (or similar companies)
    • Generally freight companies have set rates at 500g, 1kg, 3kg, 5kg, 10kg and 20kg.
    • Try to choose suitable boxes that are as close as possible to these volumes, especially if you sell mixed items - the right shipping box will minimise your cost per shipment. 
  • We stock standard 1kg, 3kg and 5kg Surprise and Delight cartons that combine presentation and cost minimisation. 

2. The Right Void Fill Stops Annoying Damage in Transit - Here are some tips

  • Biofill is cheap but sometimes items can track downwards in transit and as a result can incur impact damage
  • 20mm or even 32mm bubblewrap offers the best void fill (ie. fills spaces in the carton) BUT 10mm bubblewrap offers the best impact protection (as there is less 'unprotected' space between the bubble
  • Polyfoam (especially 2mm and 4mm thick) offers fantastic protection for high cost items which are liable to impact damage (as this product is resilient and has 'memory')
  • Air Pillows are an eco friendly option that offers excellent void fill and cushioning
  • Hexcel Wap is another great eco friendly option that allows cushion impact plus gives great presentation
  • The use of courier 1kg, 3kg and 5kg boxes inside pre-paid courier bags will help reduce costly damage and returns. 

3. Getting Repeat Sales - Presentation and Personalisation - These are some ideas!

  • If you have time, the inclusion of a personalised hand written 'thankyou' note or card helps to increase customer satisfaction and possible re-orders (especially if you include a voucher or similar)
  • In some markets the use of eco-friendly packaging is a big plus. Consumer expectation may demand that you use eco friendly packaging e.g. paper packaging tape, hexcelwrap void fill and unbleached tissue paper. 
  • Avoid using second hand boxes or materials - it creates a bad impression that may lead to customers returning their products
  • In some markets, the use of personalised printed packaging tape can be a powerful reminder of your 'brand' or website and can greatly increase repeat business
  • Surprise and delight style boxes (or other suitable die cut boxes) can increase the consumer experience when opening their parcel, reduce cognitive dissonance ('buyers remorse') and faster repeat orders. 
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