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Solutions to Common Packaging Tape Problems

Solutions to Common Packaging Tape Problems

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We Can Help You Solve Your Packaging Tape Problems!

Here Are FIVE Common Problems And Solutions With Packing Tape.....

NB - Remember packaging tapes have two components - backing and adhesive.

​1. Packaging Tape Lifts In The Freezer

Firstly make sure that you apply the tape outside the freezer in normal, dry conditions. Tape adhesive doesn't work in cool moist environments.
Second, you should use a quality tape with at least 20um of acrylic adhesive. Typical solutions are 3M 311 (a tape specifically designed for cold temperatures) or Alpha Beta 9308.
Occasionally a quality natural rubber tape (e.g. Vibac PP30) may also work.

2. Packaging Tape 'Lifts Off' After A Few Hours

Sometimes this 'lifting' can be difficult to diagnose as some cartons board has become 'repellent' to glue during the recycling process. 
Your first solution is to go for a tape with at least 20um of adhesive (lots of cheap packaging tapes may have only 15um or 17um adhesive)
Generally acrylic adhesives work best on cartons with lots of recycled board content. In very humid conditions, we find either Vibac PP30 (with a natural rubber adhesive) or premium Tempest 1770 tape (25um acrylic adhesive) are good options. 
NEW Eco-friendly Tesa 4313 Paper packaging tape and Water Activated Gum Paper tape work well in all conditions and will generally eliminate tape lift on recycled boxes. 
ALSO please ensure that the boxes are clean and free of surface dust. 

3. Tape Process Is Too Slow - Labour Cost Issues

There are two great options here...
First, you could consider a 3M or similar machine carton sealer. Lots of options - bottom sealing machines, top and bottom sealers, 'electronic eye' random carton sealers, tape machines with carton erectors etc. 
We can provide specialist advise!
Second, water activated definite length gummed tape dispensers offer quick, push button dispensing of tape at set lengths (e.g. 200mm). These are the 'state of the art' eco-friendly solution to processing lots of small carton orders. 
This taping solution is used by Amazon!

4. Tape 'Not Strong Enough' For Heavy Cartons

There are 3 main solutions here...
a. Two way 'cross stitched' filament tape is specifically designed to provide a tough, tamper evident solution. 
b. Use a hot melt glue gun designed for cartons. 3M's 3762 Quadrack glue and Quadrack glue gun is a great solution here. Easy to dispense, amazingly strong bonds plus a clean, tamper proof finish are all advantages. 
c. A premium packaging tape like Tempest 1770 may also offer superior results.

5. 'The Screech Is Driving Me Crazy'

Here are 2 easy solutions...
Firstly, use a 'low noise' tape dispenser - an extra component on the dispensing mechanism will greatly reduce the screech. These dispensers are a bit dearer than standard ones BUT what price ....
Secondly, there are some low noise packaging tapes designed to unwind with less noise - Stylus PP30ln Low Noise Packaging Tape is a good example. 

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