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Revolutionary Fasteners Alternative - Dual Lock Self Locking Fastening Product

Revolutionary Fasteners Alternative - Dual Lock Self Locking Fastening Product

Sick Of Screws & Bolts? Need A Revolutionary Alternative To Get The Best Results?

ABL Has You Covered! Unlock The Hidden Strength And Replace Mechanical Fasteners With 3M SJ3560 Dual Lock.

What is 3M Dual Lock Reclosable Fastener SJ3560?

SJ3560 Dual lock is a heavy-duty Hook & Loop fastener and is a convenient alternative to everyday fastening methods, such as screws, nuts or bolts.


SJ3560 is designed to deliver a more durable, reclosable fastening solution. The clear/black VHB acrylic tape backing is protected by a removable film liner on the back of a clear coloured polypropylene material. The VHB backing bonds well to a variety of substrates including metals, glass and plastics (eg. acrylics, polycarbonate and ABS).

SJ3560 consists of interlocking mushroom-shaped heads that provides a strong and reliable bond that easily slides over each other, allowing for positioning of parts before being snapped together. This fastening process creates a durable attachment and assists in a fast product assembly time with great design flexibility for the most rigid surfaces. 


3M SJ3560 is also heat, chemical and UV resistant.

ABL Distribution goal is to supply our customers with the best product for the job in a vast variety of industries and we are always seeking to add value to your business through our expert product knowledge.

Being one of the most durable, strong and pressure-sensitive adhesive bonds on contact, Dual lock has up to 1,000 openings and closing before losing 50% of its original tensile strength with an outdoor UV resistance of up to 1,000 hours!

This product being available in both clear or black in colour means it will blend in with most backgrounds and will not draw attention to itself when not in use. 

What Can 3M SJ3560 Be Used For?

The revolutionary adhesive of the Dual Lock Reclosable Fasteners can provide a firm bond to a wide variety of surfaces indoors and outdoors which include:
  • Metals (aluminium, stainless steel etc.)
  • Plastics (Acrylic, rigid vinyl, polycarbonate, polystyrene)
  • Glass
  • Woods
  • Gel Coated finishes
Industries that LOVE 3M’s SJ3560 are, construction, electronic, furniture, general industrial, medical, military & government, MRO, packaging, retail, automotive and transportation!

Now What Would Such A Variety Of Industries Use Dual Lock For?

Here are a few of the most common uses that you may not know of that are using this revolutionary product: 

General Industrial

  • Fasten rigid or flexible solar panels
  • Hold access panels to manufacturing equipment, control panels, HVAC units, electrical enclosures, electronic equipment, and elevators
  • Attach decorative panels and circulation vents to refrigerators
  • Hang tools on maintenance carts for ready access and secure transport

Display and Signage

  • Hang graphics and banners for trade shows and in-store promotion
  • Attach repositionable shelving for retail display and museum exhibits
  • Secure carpet to trade show floors, walls, and counter facings
  • Attach product samples to trade show back walls and retail display cases

Specialty Vehicle and  Transportation

  • Hang ceiling light diffusion panels in light rail cars and buses
  • Attach door and wall panels in truck cabs
  • Attach air bag cover in trucks and cars
  • Attach ceiling, wall and cushioning panels in cargo and horse trailers
  • Fasten headliners and ceiling panels in over-the-road truck cabs, buses, ambulances, and recreational vehicles
  • High performance  aircraft


  • Assemble modular office wall panels
  • Fasten institutional furniture seats and backs to metal frames
  • Attach fabric-covered cushions to chair seats, backs, and arm rests and more!
  • Marine and yacht carpeting, seat cushions, and wall panels
  • Medical gowns and equipment such as orthopedic braces
  • Architectural/Construction flooring, carpeting, lighting, and decorative panels 

How Do I Prepare A Surface For SJ3560?

Just like any good reliable self-adhesive it’s crucial to take the steps to make sure your surface is clean for the best adhesion result.

Adhesive backed dual lock reclosable fasteners should be applied to surfaces that are clean, dry and free of moisture, oil, rust grease, dust, mould release agents and/or other containments that could reduce the adhesion. Highly textured surfaces may reduce the ultimate adhesion levels.

To prepare a surface for adhesive backed dual lock it is best to use a cleaning cloth or tissue.
The cleaning cloth or tissue must be changed frequently based on the number of contaminants removed from the surface. If not changed frequently this will only smear surface contaminants, or contaminate an already clean surface.
Additionally, if a liquid cleaning solution is used, it is essential that the cleaners do not contain surfactants, fragrances or other additives which may not fully evaporate leaving an undesirable film on the material which will reduce the adhesive bond strength.

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