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UVEX Safety - Personal Protective Equipment Manufacturer

UVEX Safety - Personal Protective Equipment Manufacturer

Uvex Personal Protective Equipment Now At ABL Distribution

Uvex vs. Safety

Uvex’s mission is to protect people at work. Keeping people safe is uvex’s top priority, whilst maintaining strict eco-friendly manufacturing process.
Uvex expertly and seamlessly combines two worlds into one. Sport and Work Safety.

ABL joins uvex in their mission of protecting people in the workplace. Uvex has been around in Australia for over 30 years and have used this expertise to create some of the most high quality products around. ABL now stocks a large range of uvex products from glasses to gloves to help you will all you workplace safety needs.

Uvex glasses are high quality products for your work place. UVEX glasses offer UV exclusion to protect your eyes from the rays produced by the sun, they are made out of polycarbonate with anti-fog and anti-scratch technology to prolong the life of the glasses.

Uvex glasses offer superior optical clarity – any angle of vision is ‘optically neutral’.  Australian Standard states that only the area directly in front of the eye must be neutral – this is employed by generic brands, but Uvex go above and beyond!

Take A Look At Some Of Our Uvex Range

Uvex Athletic Allround Gloves
  • Lightweight and dirt resistant
  • All round safety glove for mechanical tasks
  • Great grip in wet and dry areas
  • Perfect fit
  • Free from hazardous substances
  • Breathable NBR coating helps stop mechanical abrasion 
Uvex Athletic Allround Gloves 
Uvex Athletic D5 XP Gloves
  • Level D cut protection
  • NB matt microfoam coating
  • Good grip on dry and wet surfaces
  • Good mechanical abrasion resistance
  • Reinforced thumb crotch
  • High flexibility ensuring a good fit
  • Tactile feel
 This is an image of  Uvex Athletic D5 Xp Glove from ABL Distribution Pty LTD
Uvex Synexo M100 Gloves
  • Seamless mechanic's glove with reinforced thumb
  • Good grip in dry and wet areas
  • Highly flexible
  • Flexible hook and loop fastening
  • Provides protection against shocks and impacts 
 This Is An Image Of Uvex Synexo M100 Gloves From ABL Distribution
Uvex Featherweight Safety Glasses
  • Featherweight safety glasses with a sporty design
  • Uvex supravision coating technology
  • Soft adjustable nose piece
 This Is An Image Of Uvex Featherweight Glasses from ABL Distribution Pty Ltd
Uvex Pheos Safety Glasses
  • 'X'-branded safety glasses with a modern design
  • Comfortable protection with X-tended eye shield
  • Non-slip fit
  • Duo-spherical lens
  • Large field of vision
 This Is An Image Of Uvex Pheos Safety Glasses From ABL Distribution
Uvex Overspec Safety Glasses
  • Panoramic lens with integrated side protection for optimum eye coverage
  • uvex duoflex side arms for a pressure-free fit
  • Reliable UV 400 protection
  • Adjustable side arm 
  • Clear view even when wearing prescription glasses
 This Is An Image Of Uvex Overspec Safety Glasses from ABL Distribution Pty Ltd
Uvex Ultravision Goggles
  • Replaceable lens
  • Made from clear vented PVC
  • Clear PC 80% + VLT
  • Certified to AS/NZS 1337.1
  • Anti-fog and scratch resistant
  • Foam padding for improved fit
  • Can be worn as overspecs 
 This is an image of Uvex Ultravision Goggles From ABL Distribution Pty Ltd

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