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ABL's Easy Guide to Void Fill

ABL's Easy Guide to Void Fill

Do You Use Void Fill When Packaging Your Products?

Do You Know What The Best Option Is For You?

Here Are Some Key Factors To Consider...

The Cost Of Your Product

Superior void products are more expensive. So the void product that you might use for a $5.00 product may differ from that of $250.00  product.

Product Presentation

Sometimes certified ‘eco-friendly’ void products may be a good choice or the case of cheap inexpensive goods, Styrofoam chips may suffice.

Void In Cartons

Your cartons should be strong enough to prevent crushing in transit. The amount of ‘void’ or ‘air gaps’ should be sufficient to allow some impact movement and cushioning but not too tight that the impact shocks cause damage. 

The Potential For Product Migration

Some products have good ‘interlock’ so that over the transport journey, products remain “encapsulated” and don’t shift to the  bottom of the carton where damage may happen.


Some void materials are not resilient, so when a sharp cut breaks “the seal”, the protective value of the material is less. For example “the bubble” deflates  and your product gets damaged.

Product Storage

Some void products require lots of space in your warehouse or may possibly attract vermin or insects.

Ease Of Dispensing

There are now many “automatic” dispensing systems available that offer savings in time, efficiency and space to medium to large volume  users.

Below Are Summaries Of Some Of Our Range Of Void Fill Products


  • 100% biodegradable starch based loose fill packaging
  • Free-flowing, static free, light and versatile void fill
  • A great environmental solution being completely compostable and water soluble
  • 400L bags
Envirofill - Biodegradable voidfill from ABL Distribution


  • P10​ bubbles are 10mm in diameter x 4.2mm high
  • P20 bubbles are 20mm in diameter x 8.2mm high
  • P32 bubbles are 32mm in diameter x 12.5mm high
  • Rolls are 1.5m x 100m long
  • Rolls are available whole or standard slit for your convenience
  • Australian Made Product


  • Economical range of cushioning materials designed to protect your product during transit
  • Moulds itself into or around your product while filling excess void space within the carton
  • Comes in easy dispenser box
  • 100% recyclable making it easy to dispose of
 air cushion already inflated, voidfill from ABL Distribution Pty Ltd


  • No mess, fast, custom fitted protective polyurethane foam packaging
  • Space efficient packaging - Expands up to 200 times its liquid volume only when activated
  • Easy to use bags expand when activating two part chemicals in each bag
  • Click here for the manufacturers quick 'how to use' online animation video
 Sealed Air Instapak Quick RT - Instant Foam Packaging


  • SPEEDY! Works at 7.5m per minute
  • Air is internally generated by the unit and does not require external compressed air source
  • Detects which film is installed and adjusts to the correct settings automatically
  • Machine only weighs 6kg, and is very compact - 36cm x 33cm x 28cm
  • Comes with 12 months warranty

To view an instructional video click here.

 This is an image of Mini Pak 'R' Air Cushion Machine


  • No mess, space efficient and easy to use
  • Superior product protection
  • No unsightly marks made on products
  • Economical - just 14c per lineal meter
 Polycell Air 3 Pillow Machine And Film
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