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ABL's Guide to Hot Melt Glue Guns

ABL's Guide to Hot Melt Glue Guns

Do You Know Which Glue To Use?

Confused By The Range? We Can Help!

There Are Two Distinct Groups Of Glue Guns.

  • Firstly 'hobby' guns, designed for home use. 
    • We do not stock these guns as they will breakdown if used for commercial applications.
  • Secondly there are a variety of commercial systems.
    • We stock Bostik and 3M systems.  

1. Economy Range Bostik

The Bostik TG4 gun is a mid range gun.
Tough and easy to use and includes a 6 month warranty.
It also works with our Venus glues.
Type of suitable glues...
    • Bostik 6303 15kg 400 sticks (Click here)
      • General Purpose
      • Yellow
      • Suitable for use with cartons, laminate and woodworking
    • Venus 9040/12 5kg
      • Clear
      • Suitable for use with paperboard, plastics and wood
    • Venus 9010/12 5kg (Click here)
      • Yellow
      • Suitable for use with cardboard
    • Venus 9015/12 2kg
      • Clear
      • Suitable for use with polystyrene, wood and fabric

2. Premium Range 3M

3M Quadrack System
This is the #1 system worldwide for the last 20 years in volume application.
The quadrack gun has an ergonomically superior trigger mechanism. With its unique 'ridged' glue stick controls the rate of how much glue is dispensed resulting in less wastage.
The glues are concentrated 'high tech' formulations meaning its the cheapest per use!! This system includes a 12 month warranty.
  • Glue is also available in safety 'low melt' configuration - ask us for details. 
  • We recommend this system as it is the cheapest and easiest to use in the long run
​Type of suitable glues...
    • ​3M TCQ Polygun (seen above) - Offers a superior technology solution with a unique trigger mechanism (Click here)
    • 3M 3762 General Purpose 5kg (Click here)
      • Tan
      • Fast set
      • Great for use with cartons and cardboard
    • 3M 3738 Hot Melt 5kg (Click here)
      • Tan
      • Great for wood and plastic
    • 3M 3764 Hot Melt 5kg (Click here)
      • Clear 
      • 100% Solids
      • Good flexibility in joints

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