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ABL's Q&A On Glues, Silicones And Adhesives...

ABL's Q&A On Glues, Silicones And Adhesives...

Which Glue, Silicone Or Adhesive Should You Use?

ABL Has The Answers!

1. What Silicones Can You Paint Over?

  • Strictly speaking no 'silicone' is able to be painted over as the slick surface will repel paint.
    • However SMP products like 'Bostik Xtreme Flex' are excellent sealants.
    • They are also anti fungal and uv-stabilised meaning they are good for outdoor application.  

2. What Glue Is Good For Hypalon Inflatables?

  • Bostik 2405 is suited for hypalon on rubber inflatables.

3. What Glues Are Safe To Use On Polystyrene Foams?

Many contact glues will adversely affect polystyrene. However, there is a range of polystyrene safe glues.

4. Why Does My "Glue" Separate In The Drum?

  • Usually this is the result of your drum left on a concrete floor in cold weather.
  • Store glues on a pallet or on a shelf.
  • Glues work most effectively at warmer temperatures.

5. Why Does My 'Silicone' Fail After A Few Months.... Especially Outdoors?

Usually this is the result of poor quality products. Generally only higher grade silicone's should be used outdoors (e.g. Bostik V60 - Glazing on roof and gutters). Even better for external use are the new SMP adhesives like Simson, Xtreme. Sicka, Seal n Flex or Matrix poly adhesives are okay outdoors but the newer SMP products offer greater flexibility and longer life. 

6. What's The Special Glue Used For Post Fforming?

  • Tensor L17 is suitable - Either in a can or a bulk spray canister.

7. What 'Silicone' Should I Use In A  Bathroom Or Wet Area?

You should choose a silicone that has anti fungal or mould resistant properties.
There are many available - The price amount reflects the quality of the product.
  • In the economy range we recommend Fuller 770.
  • In the premium range we recommend Bostik 6S.
  • For a paintable wet are silicone or glue, we recommend Xtreme Flex or Clearfix.
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