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3 Proven Money Savers for your Warehouse

3 Proven Money Savers for your Warehouse

Save Your $$ With These Simple Money Saving Techniques

ABL's Guide To Save money In Your Warehouse

Factory Layout

  • Time is money! So does your factory or storeroom's design minimise 'walking time'??
  • Often 20% of stock lines make up 80% of picking tasks. So why not arrange them near the loading bay?
  • The picking 'U' is a proven money saver op.
  • In manufacturing, down time can be minimised by ensuring commonly used parts or lubricants are located close to the appropriate machine. 

Reduce Consumables And Waste

  • Experience shows that requiring people to 'sign out' safety consumables or maintenance items reduces waste and mess.
  • People either sense ownership or fear consequences by 'signing out' items. We find that this reduction is especially true for items like safety glasses and respirators. 

Reducing Pilferage And Theft During Transit

This is a 3 way process!
If you can reduce pilferage you save on:
  1. Replacing the item itself
  2. The costs associated with re invoicing, re packing, more freight, insurance & administration
  3. The potential loss of a customer due to ill-will
Solutions vary but they are often very simple, like... 

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