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An EASY Guide For Aerosol Glue!

An EASY Guide For Aerosol Glue!

Do You Adhesive Pots/Drums? 

Constantly Making A Mess Or Wasting Time With Setup?

ABL Distribution stocks a wide range of industrial glues in handy aerosol cans.

5 Reasons To Use Aerosol Cans Of Glue:

  1. Quick and portable
  2. No waste for small jobs
  3. Easy to Use
  4. No extensive equipment (e.g. spray pots) needed
  5. Wide variety of specialised types available 

Economy Range

  • Bostik Spray 'n' Stick
    • Economical spray glue
    • Good for lightweight work (paper, cardboard, felt, some plastics, mounting prints etc.)
    • Clear in colour. 

Premium 3M Industrial Aerosol Adhesives

These are a premium range with high coverage rates. 

  • Spray 74 - Foam & Fabric
    • Soft glue line for upholestry foam bonding
    • Lace pattern
    • Pale orange colour
  • Spray 76 - High Tack
    • Mulitpurpose, quick bonding, high temperature resistance (e.g. great for car headlining)
    • Lace spray pattern
    • Clear in colour
  • Spray 77 - Mulitpurpose
    • Fast, aggresive tack for lightweight materials 
    • Polystyrene safe
    • Good all rounder
    • Particle spray pattern
    • Clear to light yellow in colour
  • Spray 80 - Neoprene
    • Bonds rubber and supported vinyl
    • Lace pattern
    • Yellow in colour
  • Spray 90 - Hi Strength
    • High strength for high bonds  e.g. high pressure laminates
    • Fine spray pattern
    • Translucent in colour

Tensor Specialist Range

This is a premium range of specialty glues.
  • M31 - Infusion / RTM Mould - Used in the marine fibreglass industry and is designed to help in the infusion of composets.  
  • L20 - Laminate Contact - Bonds hard plastics, foams, fabrics to MDF, chipboard, plywood etc. Will bond acrylic mirror without adverse affects.
  • L17 - Hi-Temp Post Form - Gives immediate bond strength and is fire rated. Great for gluing GRP, aluminium, HPL to timber and ply sheets. 
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