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Beat the Heat with SQWINCHER

Beat the Heat with SQWINCHER

Are You Being Beat By The Heat?

Are You Rundown, Tired Or Just Dehydrated?

Then See ABL's Range Of Heat Stress Products Which Now Includes 'SQWINCHER'.

Sqwincher is the answer to re hydration and electrolyte replacement.

Sqwincher is scientifically formulated to go beyond just quenching a thirst... It is designed to re hydrate in even the toughest, hottest working conditions.

Sqwincher provides a higher level of hydration whilst also offering great taste!

Sqwincher is a low sodium, high potassium electrolyte replacement drink that has proven results.

ABL now offer a range of Sqwincher products including; Sqwincher 2L Electrolyte Concentrate, Sqwincher Frozen Pops & Sqwincher Sugar Free Qwick Stiks.

Sqwincher 2L Electrolyte Concentrate

  • Low in sodium and caffeine free, our Sqwincher electrolyte concentrate comes in 2L bottles which makes 20L of refreshing Sqwincher!
  • Available in 6 flavours; Lemon Lime, Orange, Wildberry, Tropical Cooler, Grape and Lemonade. Sqwincher is both delicious and hydrating. 
  • Sqwincher 2L Electrolyte Concentrate is ideal for use with water coolers and/or hydration stations.  
  • Don't get struck down by heat stress when working outdoors, operating heavy machinery, engaging in physical activity for extended periods or just when stuck in hot weather. 
This is an image of Sqwincher 2L Electrolyte Concentrate from ABL Distribution Pty Ltd

Sqwincher Frozen Pops

  • Experience the great taste and replenish your electrolytes with Sqwincher Frozen Pops!
  • ABL offer easy to eat frozen electrolyte Sqwincher Sqweeze Pops. Full of electrolytes and minerals to help battle heat stress and dehydration.
  • Sold in packets of 10 with 5 flavours available; Lemon Lime, Orange, Mixed Berry, Cherry and Grape. 
This is an image of sqwincher hydrating ice pops, frozen ice blocks from ABL Distribution Pty Ltd

Sqwincher Sugar Free Qwik Stiks

  • With 50 satchets per packet, the Swincher Qwik Stiks are perfect for that quick and easy on the go electrolyte replacement drink. 
  • Simply mix 1 Sqwincher Qwik Stik  sachet with 600ml of water and shake for that tasty refreshing beverage Sqwincher is known for. 
  • These Sqwincher Qwik Stiks are sugar-free, low sodium and caffeine-free, meaning you get all the benefits without the nasty.
  • Available in 7 different flavours; Orange, Mixed Berry, Lemonade, Grape, Lemon Lime, Strawberry Lemonade and Cool Citrus
Sqwincher electrolyte sachets, sugar free qwik stiks from ABL Distribution Pty Ltd
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