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Need An Eco-Friendly Packaging Tape Solution?

Need An Eco-Friendly Packaging Tape Solution?

Looking For An Eco-Friendly Packaging Tape?

Have You Considered Water Activate Tapes (WAT)?

Online eCommerce Giant AMAZON Use 'WAT'

Water Activated (Gummed) Paper Tapes consist of a tough paper backing with 'tamper evident' and strong reinforcing filament strands combined with a 'gummed' water activated glue. 

Water Activated (Gummed) Paper Tapes are much more than 'pure' packaging tapes. 

They combine elements of up market conventional packaging tapes with very expensive tamper evident tapes as well as filament tapes. 

While they seem expensive against economy grade packaging tapes, when compared to cross directional filament tapes and tamper evident tapes, water activated paper tapes are reasonably priced.

What are the advantages of Water Activated Paper Gummed Tape?
Eco-Friendly - 100% recyclable, NO plastics!
Better Productivity - Preset lengths, no issues with 'humidity' and tape lift
Stops Pilferage - Reinforcing deters thieves from tampering with the package
Enhances your Brand - Secure and eco-friendly
High Impact Resistant

Promotes environment aware image
Very economical for tamper evident tape (not comparable to standard plastic tape!)
Join Amazon, Wallmart etc. as users of cutting edge eco-friendly tape!
100% recyclable - Vegetable based glue
PH neutral - GREAT for craft work!

There are three main options for dispensing Water Activated (Gummed) Paper Tape!
Large Users - Premium Solution
Automated - Easy to use
Pre-set lengths save time
Will pay itself back quickly by greater efficiency and reduced pilferage

Electronic Gummed Tape Dispenser

Large Users - Manual Solution

H/D Variable Length Plus Manual Gummed Tape Dispenser

Small Users

Pull and Tear Gummed Tape Dispener

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